Natural Remedies To Treat Shingles

If you are looking at treating shingles naturally. Like most other diseases, natural remedies are available for you to consider as an option.

Once you are properly educated, whether you treat shingles with natural remedies or go to a doctor for a cure. Whatever course of action you may want to follow. It is very important to start treating shingles quickly. The average time to complete recovery is 2 to 4 weeks. But if not treated properly and quickly, you may be left with serious long term complications which are much harder to treat.

While the rest of this site deals with the more clinical aspect of treating shingles, here, we’ll focus on natural cures and remedies for shingles.

If you are looking at getting rid of the blisters, pain and itchiness that is usually caused by shingles. You can supplement any treatment routines you are following with natural remedies. Combining medication with natural remedies, or applying natural treatments exclusively to deal with shingles may help you treat and cure shingles faster than the typical 2 to 4 weeks it usually takes.

Before we take a look at a few natural remedies to treat and cure shingles. It is helpful to know a bit more about the disease itself. Although in most cases the occurrence of shingles is without warning. There are certain factors that do elevate the risk of getting shingles.

Since shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. You must have already been exposed to the varicella-zoster virus (often in childhood) for you to have shingles.

Most at risk of having shingles are people over 50 and those with a weakened immune system. If you have an auto-immune disease, are undergoing chemo-therapy or taking certain medications that may suppress the immune system your risk of having shingles increases as well.

If you already have shingles, you can use the following natural treatments and home remedies to quickly start treating shingles:

  1. Natural Remedy #1 – Boost Your Immune System: The occurrence of shingles is a sign of a weakened immune system. Since a weakened immune system lets the virus become active and multiply in the first place. For quick and effective treatment of shingles, you may want to try to boost your immune system so it can naturally fight off the disease. Assist your body to heal faster by supplying it with much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Keep yourself hydrated and eat a healthy, nutrient and vitamin rich diet by focusing on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.
  2. Natural Remedy #2 – Soothe your Skin: Instead of using lotions and ointments with chemicals, if you prefer to soothe your skin more naturally. You can take a bath with oatmeal or Neem leaves to help relieve itchy skin.
  3. Natural Remedy #3 – Use Honey: Known throughout centuries for its healing powers. You can use honey to help with, healing, relieving pain and burning. Buy good organic honey and gently put a thin layer over the effected area.

These are just some of many natural treatments and remedies you can use to help treat shingles.

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